Welcome to PT.INDOPIPE

Welcome to PT. Indopipe where you can get complete solution for your design, technical and engineering support in piping system.

Our products consist of HDPE Pipe, MDPE Pipe, Subduct Pipe complete with fitting and accessories. Produced with the best quality thru SNI, ISO, Lemigas and NSF International standards, the Pipes has the advantages of the connection strenght, flexibility, lightweight, maintainance free, do not contaminate inside flow, UV and chemical resistance, corrosion-free, can take up to 16 Bar* pressure, and do not pollute the enviroment due to its recycle-able property.

Our products can be used in:

  • Drinking water piping system,
  • Domestic gas piping system, waste water piping system,
  • Protection for fiber optic or electricity piping system,
  • Dewatering and other mining and energy field piping system,
  • Hydrant piping system,
  • Sea water-based water cooling system,
  • Industrial water, factory, and food and beverages processing piping system


Let us intoduce our company as pipe manufacturer PT. Indopipe.

The company was founded on 2004 and started marketing its products since 2006. Our product consists of HDPE Pipes, MDPE Pipes, Subduct Pipes completes with fittings and accessories.

Our parent company is Slagbloom Beheer BV, the company has operated many similar plants within the plastic industry since 1970 and located in Dordrecth-Dutch. The company have vast experince in Polyethylene material.

For the Indonesian market, we produce pipes suitable for water, gas, waste pipes, fiber optic and electricity subduct. Our products are compatible with ISO, SNI, LEMIGAS, NSF and others certification to ensure our quality, and as guarantee to our product.

We hope that our customer can have the experience in using good quality product and special services typical of European company supported by our experienced sales and technical support team trained by our parent company in Dutch. They will serve all upir need thru our Gresik and Jakarta offices.

Head Office :
Kawasan Industri Gresik |
Jl. KIG Raya Selatan Blok. D12A - 26 Gresik 61121
Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Tel. +62 31 3990550 Fax. +62 31 3990440

Sales & Marketing Office :
Gedung AD Premier Lt 19
Jl. TB Simatupang No 5 Ragunan Jakarta Selatan 12540
Tel. +62 21 22708987
Email. sales@indopipe.com
Website. www.indopipe.com

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