Company History

John G. Slagboom,
Director of the Slagboom Beheer BV Group

It started when we first visit Indonesia in 2002, we found out that Indonesia have significantly bigger area compared with our native country, Netherland. With its big size, huge population and scattered Archipelago islands, Indonesia has a big challenge in meeting its infrastructure requirement for its citizen. The more we learn about Indonesia, the more we know about this challenge.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in plastic industry in Netherland since 1970, where we have started a company named Electroplast BV which produced electrical spare parts and telecommunication industry products. The business later expanded and started  Slagboom Electric in 1980 which produced electrical parts. These companies are all part of the parent company, Slagboom Beheer BV.

The Netherland have state of the art clean water management, efficient piping system utilization, latest design in clean water system and a very healthy recycle method. All these knowledge we would like to share to Indonesia.

We strongly belief that HDPE Pipe with its advantages is the correct pipe for Indonesia due to the country natural condition that make it susceptible to earthquake. This idea has gathered momentum, since the start of 2006 when PT. INDOPIPE® first sold its product made possible by the investment made by Slagboom Beheer BV with the support of Netherland Ministry of Economy, our product acceptance has increased annually. The customers and other stakeholder have got to know better with its advantages and better application of HDPE pipe.

In future, PT. INDOPIPE® will continue our cooperation with the Indonesian government and hope to contribute further in infrastructure and facilities development for clean water, telecom, electricity, sewage system for the Indonesian people thru our quality product and latest innovation

Head Office :
Kawasan Industri Gresik |
Jl. KIG Raya Selatan Blok. D12A – 26 Gresik 61121
Jawa Timur – Indonesia
Tel. +62 31 3990550 Fax. +62 31 3990440

Sales & Marketing Office :
Gedung AD Premier Lt 19
Jl. TB Simatupang No 5 Ragunan Jakarta Selatan 12540
Tel. +62 21 22708987

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