Vaccination Gotong Royong Indopipe,PT – Gresik

Indopipe – To accelerate herd immunity, Indopipe, PT. in Kawasan Industri Gresik (KIG) held a mutual cooperation vaccination for employees.

This gotong royong vaccination got the attention of Aminatun Habibah, the Vice Regent of Gresik, who came directly to the vaccination site.

“We did ask a number of companies in Gresik to carry out mutual cooperation vaccinations. Based on the data entered there are 11 companies that apply. Five of them have been,” she said, Friday (30/07/2021).

She and Fandi Akhmad Yani (Gus Yani) the Regent of Gresik appealed to every company to help the local government by holding mutual cooperation vaccinations.

Kukuh Wira Sarjana, President Director of Indopipe, PT, who was also at KIG, accompanied by Dody Heral Ardiansyah, the company’s Task Force Team, said that 86 employees were vaccinated today out of a total of 115 employees.

It is hoped that this activity will help the government accelerate the government’s targeted coverage of 1 million vaccines per day.

“Regarding this mutual cooperation vaccination, we have coordinated with the Health Office. So, the administration of vaccines remains integrated with the government,” he said.

One dose of Sinopharm type vaccine costs Rp. 818,000. This means that two doses of vaccine given by employees cost Rp. 1.6 million. In total, 80 employees, the company spent as deep as Rp 130 million.


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