Indopipe Anniversary, Employees Share Takjil

Indopipe (12/07/2019) – To celebrate the 12th anniversary of PT Indopipe, the employees and  bicycle community, Indopipe Cycling Community (ICC) share takjil. The activity was held in front of the KIG Complex factory, and continued with breaking fast and recitation.

             The action of Indopipe employees when distributing takjil to motorists in front of the KIG                  Complex factory.

Production Superintendent of PT Indopipe, Anggoro Sumaryoso, said the activity began with breaking the fast with all directors and employees last Monday. On that occasion also filled with religious lectures by Ustad As’ad. It is said, through the activities of breaking the fast together and recitation, his party wants to increase the relationship. Not only between employees but also with management.

In the same place, the Coordinator of Industrial Relations of PT Indopipe, Dody Heral Ardiansyah, added that the ICC also held activities for takjil as many as 200 boxes. “Through this series of activities, we hope that PT Indopipe will be more successful and loved by the whole community,” added Dodi. (fir/ris)


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