Indonesia Independent Days, PT Indopipe Holds Ceremony to Eat Tumpeng with Employees

Indopipe (12/07/2019) – As a form of love for the homeland, PT Indopipe Gresik held a flag ceremony and eating tumpeng with all employees. The activity was held to celebrate the 71-st Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI).

The President Director of PT Indopipe, Kukuh Wira Sarjana emphasized that although the company he leads has the status of a foreign capital companies, it does not dampen his enthusiasm and commitment to always love the Republic of Indonesia.

“This ceremony is the first time we have held it since the company was founded. We want to show love and at the same time inflame the spirit of Indonesian love of nationalism in all employees,” said Kukuh when delivering the mandate of the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony in front of hundreds of employees of PT Indopipe, (11/07/2019).

Furthermore, the man, who has only been in the number one position for four months at Indopipe, admitted that the flag ceremony and tumpeng meal with employees also confirmed the commitment of PT Indopipe, which has worked for 10 years in Indonesia, to continue to innovate and produce works.

“The activity is also a joint reflection that the challenges ahead are increasingly competitive. Independence does not solve problems, but independence provides answers to all existing problems. According to the message from our founding father, be free or die,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Personnel and General Affairs, Dody Heral, hopes that through this activity, PT Indopipe’s employees will have a higher sense of care and love for the homeland.

“Besides that, this activity is also a momentum to get closer. Both among employees and with the board of directors,” added Dody. (*)


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